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At Elliott Tire & Service, we listen and we care. Read what our wonderful customers have to say about us!

Dear Store Manager,

My husband and I want to send along a heartfelt thanks to Bruce, the service manager, and Shelly, the assistant manager, for the wonderful service we received tonight. My tire had a slow leak and we were really worried about it going flat overnight. I was stuck in traffic and arrived after closing, but Bruce & Shelly stayed late and got me all set up with a brand new tire. We really appreciate their “above and beyond” service and will let everyone know how please we are with your store and the fabulous service Bruce & Shelly gave us.

Sincerely, Mike & Andrea


I sure do appreciate your excellent customer service and understanding of my dilemma. I knew before I even called you would take care of this. You have great listening skills and treat your customers’ top notch & understand their vehicle problems. I remember while in Seattle I had a slight random brake noise that was hard to identify and you eagerly went on a test ride with me to put your skills to work listening and identifying the noise. You made the appointment for me the following day to remedy the problem. Again thank you for all the hard work you did on both my vehicles to prepare them for the long journey across country with my family.

Truly appreciate it & keep up the great service.

Respectfully, Mr. Walters


I'd like to thank you and your team for providing exceptional service each time I’ve stopped by! I honestly thought that honest, trustworthy customer service was a thing of the past. Thanks for proving me wrong & going beyond your services!

Thank you, Mickey

Thank you for your professionalism and service.

It's good to know that we can always expect quality repairs from you.

Sincerely, Takaki

Dear Store Manager,

We were traveling home last Friday and broke down on the highway. Our experience was such that I just have to express my gratitude for the chain of events and for being shown such kindness to our family. One of my big fears in life has been having such a thing happen. My husband and I left the three kids in the car and walked to a nearby rest stop. We had no idea who to call and had no American money for the phone. I was very humbled in trying to ask strangers if they had any gas they could give us. We quickly received two offers to drive my husband to the next gas station, the second willing to also drive him back to our car. We were hoping the gas gauge was broken and that would be our only problem. By then it was raining very hard. Soon, a State Trooper arrived and parked behind our car with his lights flashing, alleviating my fears of being run into. He waited a long time with us and eventually called a tow truck. When the tow truck arrived, he brought us to Elliott Tire & Service in Mount Vernon. The garage could not fix our car until the following Monday, but no worries, and special thanks to Lynx at Elliott tire, who loaned us a car to drive back to Canada!

Thank you so much, Mr. & Mrs. Phillips

Dear Elliott Tire,

Thank you for taking such good care of my vehicle on short notice. The $250 you saved me on the headlight is much appreciated! Let me know when I can offer you, your staff, or family the same exemplary service!

Mrs. Harrison

Dear Store Manager,

Well, this is my second letter letting you know how wonderful you are! I figured I better laminate this one, since you accidentally tore the other one off the wall.

Thank you so much for taking care of me & my 1999 Ford Escort. The car has been under terrific care for almost a year, and I have not experienced a breakdown or malfunction. Fuel economy is great, and your preventative maintenance is second to none.

Your staff is very accommodating and are proactive in letting me know what to expect out of my car, and from them.

I rely on my car to get me from client appointment to client appointment throughout the State of Washington. Worry free driving is not a luxury for me, it's a necessity. Thankfully, Elliott Tire & Service Centers understands that, and keeps me safely on the road.

I wouldn't think of trusting my vehicle to any other service center. Hopefully I'll get a couple hundred thousand miles out of the escort, and many more years of trustworthy excellent service from you and your company.

Keep up the great work!!

Best regards, Mr. Nuefeld

Elliott Staff,

Just a huge "thank you" for all the "extra & beyond" you do so consistently! And for the normal service which is defined by excellence! Thank you for keeping my car running & all the attention to the small details!



Just wanted to send you a note & thank you for taking the time to find me the best deal! My tires have really stressed me out and now I can drive without that worry! Thanks so much for putting me at ease!

Thanks, km w/ the 'z'

To Manager,

We are writing to say thank you! Your employees were a life saver to us by arranging our car to be towed into Elliott Tire and they stayed late to change the damaged tire with a new one so we could go from there to Seatac airport to pick up a family member. Talk about someone going the extra mile for a customer. We thought service like this was dead and gone but it is alive and greatly appreciated at Elliott Tire. Thank you! We are, therefore, telling all our friends about Elliott and your service.

David & Linda

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